Based in Manchester, this 28 year fashion-lover used to work in Merchandising but decided with her blog, SophiaRosemary, to take the opportunity to make blogging her full time job. She shares her personal inspiration, outfits, thoughts and ideas with her growing number of followers.


What does time mean to Sophia? ‘Time is precious! I feel like as I’ve gotten older I really relate to the saying ‘there aren’t enough hours in the day’. I’m always so busy these days and I’m constantly trying to cram every minute with something productive. A few extra hours in the day would be a dream come true.’ So are you always on time or late? ‘Ok, so I’m always stupidly on time for public transport because I overthink and freak out I’ll miss it BUT my boyfriend would argue I’m always late to meet him.’


‘Sophia lives in Manchester, what are her favorite places to go or neighborhoods? ‘I’m one of those people who doesn’t mind their own company, so often I’m wandering alone through the streets of Manchester. I love to pop round the vintage shops, go for a coffee or visit a gallery.

You have any latest discoveries, can be anything? ‘ I don't know if this counts but I recently discovered an old sixties Olympus Trip in a vintage warehouse and I’ve been carrying it with me everywhere. I’m trying to get into the habit of snapping spontaneously!’

‘My morning routine consists of having a coffee, feeding the cat and then showering to try and make myself look more human’


‘Before you started your blog, SophiaRosemary you were working in Merchandising, why did you switch jobs? ‘After growing a little following on Instagram and feeling a tad creatively dissatisfied in my job I decided to try my hand at blogging.” Your blog is read by a lot of people, where do you get your inspiration from? “All the people closest to me in my life are always inspiring.’

‘They are all incredible in their own way and they don’t even know it. I grew up in a completely girl-heavy household- I feel so proud of how strong my mum has been throughout my life and so lucky to have three wonderful sisters to support me in whatever I do.’

‘In 5 years, I just want to be content, happy in whatever I do and own multiple cats.’


The September Issue


‘How do you spend your weekends? Are you able to leave your work for a moment and just relax? ‘During the weekends I’m having lunch with my family on Sundays, I also like to hang out with my boyfriend. With the craziness of work sometimes, I try to have a lazy day where possible but I usually give in to doing some work.’


Gold or Silver?


People don’t know about me that..?

‘I’m petrified of water and can’t swim’

Best memory?

‘That’s too hard to answer!! I have too many.. The first time I went to Glastonbury is definitely up there.’

If you could teleport yourself back in time, where would you go?

‘The sixties’

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