This is Joanna Halpin, a London-based model that also runs a creative website together with her sister, Sarah. Their website content is considered minimalist in aesthetic and is visited by many.


‘The most fun part about my job? The website Sarah and I run, “What She Said” really is our creative outlet. Since 2016 we started to share our model work, fashion and lifestyle shots. It’s great to work together with my sister and I hope we will continue to do so for many years’ And what about your job as a model? ‘Since 5 years I have been modelling full time. I collaborated with various brands and together with them we created inspiring visuals with a hint of design.”


‘So Joanna, whenever you are not modelling or working on the website, what do you do? ‘I always try to do as little as possible but most of our free time Sara and I spent shooting, even on the weekends.

I honestly really feel like I don’t have much free time - but when I do I like to go for food and see friends, go for coffee, drinks etc.’ Do you have any tips or tricks for us about how to manage such a busy life? ‘Well, I recently discovered CBD oil, helps me to relax while travelling.’

‘I am always on time, because I hate being late. I’m a little impatient..’
‘Time is something I wish I had more of. A lot more of’


The West Village


‘Tell us, what is the secret behind WhatSheSaid? Who or what inspires you? ‘Everything and everyone inspires me in a certain way. And also Sarah, we inspire each other. Also, in the past 5 years I have been collaborating with various brands during my work as a model, the people I’ve met there inspired me as well.’


Gold or Silver?


Favorite place in NYC?

‘Lower East Side’

What people don’t know about me?

‘Well, if I told you then people would know’

Favorite Rosefield timepiece?

‘The one with the navy strap that I wore during the shoot - The West Village Velvet Blue.’

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