Singer and stylist Irene Hin (22) took part in The Voice of Holland, after she participated, she never thought about studying again. She dreams big: in 5 years she wants to have her own album and cool styling jobs. What moves @irenehin?


‘The best part of my job? No week is the same. Every day is different, and I like it that way. One week is full of appointments, performances and jobs, while the other can be very quiet, allowing me to focus on my music and Instagram. My current boyfriend has been my biggest source of inspiration in what I do now. I have always thought that a degree is necessary to become successful and get a nice job. He showed me that you can come a long way with only talent. If you never give up, you never lose, he always says. And that is true. Although, I did not want to quit studying at first, but now I am very happy that I have made that decision. Right now, I have already made it further in everything than if I had finished my Psychology degree.’


‘My style? Casual, with a bit of rock. I nearly sleep with my Dr. Martens and I wear a lot of leather jackets. Usually I try to combine a distinctive item with other more casual pieces. An oversized blouse with lots of necklaces and big boots for example, or just crazy colored pants - like during this shoot - with a simple shirt. I dye my hair every few months, from white-gray to blue and pink. Also, I wear a lot of jewelry. A ring on every finger and my ear full of earrings.

To get inspiration for this electric rock-girl look, Irene only has to look around her. 'I get inspired by people on the streets. If I see someone wearing a cool outfit, I think: that's nice. Unconsciously I will start looking for similar items, and then combine them differently. This is how I try to create my own style. Instagram is also a source of inspiration, I could watch hours on that screen.’

‘I make sure that there is always something striking about my outfit: coloured hair or lots of jewellery’


‘Singing, modeling, styling and working at Restaurant Brix on the Wolvenstraat in Amsterdam: Irene’s agenda is very full. Is time scarce? 'I do what I like every day. Every day is different and therefore time flies. That doesn’t matter to me that much though. When I was still studying, I was sometimes counting down the days until the holidays. That was horrible. Now my life is one big holiday.’

‘I almost never do something that I really don’t feel like. And often I go abroad with my boyfriend when he has to work as a DJ ' And if there is really nothing on the agenda, how does Irene relax? 'Occasionally I make covers of songs and then upload them on Instagram. I like it when people listen to it and request songs, or when they say my music means a lot to them. I recently started writing my own music. These days cannot last long enough.’

‘My favorite thing to do is just being home making musis’


The September Issue


‘You are often away from home and go to all kinds of places. So, what is the best hangout? My own balcony, the view on the canal is fantastic. I live together with my boyfriend on the Singel, which is one of the most beautiful places in Amsterdam. Around Christmas time, when all the trees and bridges are decorated, nothing beats the view from my balcony.’


Sneakers or heels?

Boots! I never wear sneakers, I don’t think they match with my outfits. Heels are for fancy party’s but halfway through the night, I always switch to my favourite Dr. Martens.

Gold or Silver?

‘Silver, or a combination of both.’

Online shopping or In-store?

‘Real life. I am very impatient. If I want something, I need to have it straight away’

Always late or always on time

Always late, unfortunately....

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