Meet Emmy Klomp, a 23 year old makeup artist based in Amsterdam. 6 years ago she moved from Sint Anthonis, a small village in the south of Holland, to Amsterdam to study and work in hair and makeup.


Free time is really important to Emmy, as she is always on the road for work. ‘My time off means a lot to me. For my work I'm at a different location with different people every day. I love that about my job, but it also takes a lot of energy so on a day off I love to chill and spend time together with my girlfriend. Also, I love to go thrift shopping – I have a thing for animal print shoes lately.’ And what about holidays? What would be your favorite destination? ‘I don’t really have one favorite. I like to explore the world, so every holiday I try to go somewhere else’.


‘When Emmy was 14 years old, she visited a beauty school and immediately knew she wanted to be a hair and makeup artist. ‘I was so in love with the school that I went back every year to see it again, I couldn't wait to start there.’ What do you think is the best part of your job? ‘To get the best out of a person with some simple makeup and hair tricks. You don't need a lot to make people shine and feel good about themselves.’What is your biggest achievement until now?’

‘This year, I went to Coachella in California for Grazia to shoot with Anna Nooshin, Claartje Rose, Lizzy van der Ligt and a couple more girls. It was 3 days of hard work, but definitely a lot fun. After that, my makeup with Anna Nooshin was on the cover of the Grazia!’. Congratulations! What’s next? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? ‘I hope to become bigger as a makeup artist and hair stylist in Holland and hopefully I will be part of an agency in London or Paris’

‘I love to go thrift shopping – I have a thing for animal print shoes lately.’


‘What is your signature look? ‘I’d like to think more is more, which reflects in my signature look with my blonde bob, glasses, always an animal print, crazy boots and my make up waist bag.’ Is there something on your wish list you would like to add to this look? ‘The Ganni gallery bag! Of course, with animal print.’

‘Could you give our readers your ultimate beauty tip? ‘The Weleda Skin Food, you can use it as a day and night cream and gives an amazing shine to the skin. The smell is so good, and it is all natural. To give your skin even more glow, add some Nars liquid illuminator on the highest parts of the face. With these two products you only need a little bit of concealer and then you have a perfect natural healthy-looking skin.’

‘I’d like to think more is more’


The Upper East Side


Before you take off to Paris or London to be part of an agency, where can we find you in Amsterdam? ‘The east of Amsterdam. I love the people, the houses, the greenery. My favorite spot in the city is definitely the garden center, haha. Would love to go there every week to buy plants and make my house even more look like a garden center itself.’

Quick Fire Questions

Gold or Silver?

‘Hmm.. can't choose, I wear both.’

Sneakers or heels?

‘Also both..’

Online shopping or in real life?

‘Real life’

Always on time or late?

‘Always on time’

Favorite Rosefield watch?

‘The Upper East Side in White-Gold’

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