Meet Jessica, 26 years old nail technician who creates the most Instagram-worthy nail art for events, shoots and shows worldwide.


You just opened your own nail salon LAKWERK, congratulations! Were you nervous to take this next step in your career? ‘Yes, it actually took me 2,5 years to do it! It was a plan for a long time, but at this moment, together with my business partner it feels so good and more natural, so the step was not as big as a few years ago.’ Was it always your dream to be a nail artist? ‘Not really, until now I never knew that my job was a real job! I love doing nails when I was a child and was always busy with doing my nails. I love to be creative with art. I didn’t have a dream job when I was a kid. But when I discovered the world of fashion and doing nails as an option, I knew that that was my dream job.’


How do you see the future of your salon? ‘I would love to have LAKWERK everywhere in the Netherlands, and we already got a lot of question of people asking to come to their city too. So, who knows in the future, but first things first!’ Is that where you see yourself in 5 years?

That is such a hard question. I never try to make plans in the future, because you never know who it goes. But I would love to travel with my work as I am doing right now. Making people happy with artwork on their nails.’

What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? ‘I love spending time on the internet to find new inspiration for new designs. Besides that, I love to go to the beach and chill with good food and friends.’

‘I love making people happy with artwork on their nails’


‘If I would describe my own style, it would definitely be casual, outspoken and cool. I think this is showing in my signature look of a translucent shirt, a boyish jeans and heels. I have long, blond, messy hair and my nails are always done, of course!’. Is there still something on your wish list? ‘A Gucci bag.’

‘Until now I never knew that my job was a real job!’


The Bowery


Which neighborhood is your favorite in Amsterdam?‘The City Centre! Both my house and store are in the center of Amsterdam, so most of the time I spend it there.’ And where in the city center can we find you most of the time? ‘Haha easy question; LAKWERK, of course. Beside that I love to go to our neighbors Miss Moneypenny, a new cocktail bar!’

If you could choose any other place in the world, what would be your favorite? ‘I always love to go to a new destination to find new places and discover new countries! If had to choose one of my favorite spots abroad, I would say Paintbox in New York’.

Quick Fire Questions

Gold or Silver?


Sneakers or heels?


Online shopping or in real life?

‘Real life’

Always on time or always late?

‘Too late’

Favorite Rosefield watch?

‘The Bowery Black Black – Rose Gold’

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