This Parisian/Brit inherited her love for art from her English mother. Her successful beauty and lifestyle blog “Lolita says so” is featured by magazines and newspapers like Elle UK, Cosmopolitan and The Guardian.


‘Time means so much. I believe everything happens for a reason and many things have happened to me in my life that would have never happened if I had not been in a certain place at a certain time. Even 1 minute difference and my life wouldn’t be the same as today. That said, I don’t put things down to luck - I very much believe in fate. In my photos I like to create a deep sense of time and place. That’s why I always loved photography, because it allows you to capture a specific moment in time, one you can never recreate.’

Late or punctual?

‘I never mean to be, but I am a very punctual person. But the idea of being late makes me feel sick and so unconsciously I make sure I’m not late. I don’t like it when people are late for me so I think I always make sure I’m not late for them.

I’m very respectful of other people’s time and love spending time with others, but also alone time is very important to me. I’m an introvert, so spending even 5 minutes on my own can renew my energy.’

‘As long as I’m creating beautiful images for a living, I’ll be happy’

Inspiration and future

‘I grew up in Paris where my mom was an artist. We would spend our weekends in art galleries and parks, playing and drawing. I ended up studying History of Art at University and I think this is still what I come back to for inspiration.’

‘Even just popping in to see a show on my own for 20 minutes can put me in the right headspace to feel creative. In the future I hope to have my own studio, which I can work from, perhaps with a small team, too.’

‘Reading helps my brain find inspiration and come up with new ideas’


The Upper East Side

A day off..

‘I work for myself so a day off is rare, as I don’t have a literal office to leave and switch off from. But if I’m having what I call a “lazy day”, I might go to Pilates (after a lie in, of course), read some interesting books (something I often don’t have time for) and try not to sit on my phone all day.’

‘Sundays I spent at the Columbia Road Flower market. It’s one of my favorite places because you can happily go alone, or go with a friend and get a coffee, wander around the shops and buy some beautiful flowers for the week to come. It’s the best way to reset before Monday.’


Gold or Silver?

“Gold. Always.”

Best memory?

“The most incredible sunsets in HoiAn.”

Latest discovery?

“Paper Mache Tiger in Islington, best coffee-and-work spot.”

Morning routine?

“Sit in bed with a cup of mint tea and either read or just think.”

Happy Place?

“Sydney, I lived there for 2 years. This place made me realize who I wanted to be and how to do it.”

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