Designer Danique Dobbe (22) started three years ago with her brand Monday is a Basic Bitch (@mondayisabasicbitch), a brand with character – ‘for independent women that know what they want.’’ What makes @daandobbe tick?


‘During her studies Graphic Design and All-round Styling, Danique founded her clothing brand Monday is a Basic Bitch. What started as just a web shop, has become a complete label, with mainly T-shirts and sweaters. 'The best part is that I get butterflies from my work. The happiness as if you are in love. It sounds cliché, but I believe you should fall in love with your job to do it 24/7. It always gives me a boost when a store is enthusiastic about cooperating, or when I come up with a cool design. ' Entrepreneurship runs in my blood: 'My parents are both entrepreneurs; so, at an early age it became clear that I wanted to become one too. My father and mother told me three years ago: "Make a business plan and we will help you." That was a huge opportunity. My father is a big source of inspiration, every time I’m super excited to show him a business plan. I also get a lot of inspiration from the companies I work for as a freelancer, specifically other start-ups and creatives. Sometimes I think: wow they are doing so well, I want that too. To me, this is the best motivation.’


‘orever a struggle: naming what my style is. I think it is a combination of tomboy, Parisienne and Scandinavian chic. I really don’t like tight clothes, and I’m also not a huge fan of bright colours. Usually, I wear my boyfriend’s striped sweaters, an oversized Monday-tee, Levi’s-mom jeans and loafers, usually in black, white, denim or navy. Jackets I love, preferably long and nicely cut, in a dark color. A few years back, I bought several items that I regret, but the real challenge was to combine the right clothes. And now? ‘I know what I wear, what my style is and what looks good on me. Shopping lists are my thing.

Making those lists helps me to never buy an item, that I will regret later on, again. Also, it saves a lot of space in my closet.’ Inspiration? Definitely from Pinterest. ‘Whenever I have some spare time, I’m browsing on Pinterest. Also, I allow myself to buy one independent magazine per month at the Athenaeum book store on Spui.’

‘I adore the old looks of Kate Moss, Caroline de Maigret and Daria Werbowy, especially from the nineties’


‘24 hours per day is not enough for me. But if I would have more, I would be a creative time bomb. I love everything that has to do with creativity, so if I would have more time I would set up more projects.’

‘What does she do when she is not working? ‘I spend most of my spare time with my boyfriend. Walking around together in a foreign city, to get new inspiration for Monday and eat a looooot of food.’

‘Food is my second love, after fashion’


The September Issue


‘The Bloemgracht is my favourite place in Amsterdam. I think this is most beautiful canal, especially in summer, when the trees are blossoming. In winter I like to walk this street and check out the cosiness of the houses.’ Does Danique have favorite hotspots? ‘For breakfast I love to go to on G’s brunch boat at Keizersgracht, or Metropolitain on Rokin.’


Sneakers or heels?

Sneakers. I am 178 cm, so I am a giant if I wear heels. I do like heels though; currently I am looking for shoes with peep toes and a strap over the heel like the ones from Chanel, in crème black. My favorite sneakers are my Vans slip-ons in checkerboard.

Gold or Silver?

‘Gold. I always wear my Afra Amba earrings, which were all gifts from my closest friends. Also, my parents gave me a signet ring that I always wear. Every piece of jewellery has a meaning to me. A plain gold necklace is still on my wish list.’

Online shopping or In-store?

‘In stores, for sure. I may have my own online web shop, but secretly I am not a big fan of online shopping. I want the whole experience: try on the clothes and see the quality. That’s why we sell most of our clothes to stores, so that people can “experience” Monday’

Always late or always on time

Forever five minutes late. Even my watch is 5 minutes ahead of time in order to be on time, which still never happens.

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