12.05 pm London

What does time mean to you?

Time for me is a valuable thing, it’s something I always have too little of.

Latest discovery?

The work of Alicia Kwade. When I visited the Biennale in Venice last July her work absolutely blew me away! Such a cool artwork. I loved the cleverness and skilfulness of her work while at the same time she’s able to keep a clean and minimalistic aesthetic. With social media you’re not easily surprised anymore, as most of the time you’ve already seen the images, but her work really did.

What is your morning routine?

I don’t know if you can call getting up, taking a shower and running out of the house a morning routine...but I don’t function until I’ve had my first coffee. Whether it’s at the office or when I’m on the road I always make time for this. It’s my breakfast and my happy place in one in the morning. Not a healthy routine I’m afraid, but it works for me.

Your favorite spot in London?

I still have a ton of exploring to do in London, I have the worst sense of direction so I always struggle a bit with finding my way in a big city like this. But the Ace hotel always feels like a living room away from home, and Tate Modern is also one of my favorites.

On Sundays I…..

Drag my boyfriend out of the house to go to this little coffee place in Haarlem. It’s in the cutest street with a cool plant shop opposite to it, so it really feels like a mini holiday. I try to read a newspaper or magazine, eat a croissant and then we head back to the house to start on the build.If my boyfriend gets his way... he drags me out to the beach where he disappears to go surfing. I use this moment to have some peace and silence to read my newspaper or magazine without being disturbed, and after that it’s working on the house again.

“First, I need coffee. It's my breakfast and my happy place in one in the morning."


What do you like to do when you have a day off?

The past year nothing but working on the house. But in my previous life it was a lot of meeting up with friends, going out for a run (on a good day), cooking and seeing an exhibition once in a while.

12.10 pm London

Your best memory?

That’s a super simple childhood memory. I think I was 8 and we were camping in France. It was the perfect holiday, me and my 3 brothers were old enough to run around by ourselves all day, the weather was perfect, we did nothing but swimming, mountain biking, playing baseball (it’s what you do with 3 brothers) and eating croissants. Life didn’t get any better than that.

I’m always late/on time? Why?

On time, I get super annoyed if people are late. For me being on time is a matter of showing respect. People have busy calendars and it’s fair to respect that. If you show up half an hour late people could have done other things with that time.

Favorite Rosefield timepiece? Why?

My pick is the Bowery with the blue strap. My wardrobe exists of 3 colours, navy blue, black and white. So this is the ideal “can go with all outfits” understated kind of design. Simple & clean.

The Bowery

WhiteBlue - RoseGold
My favorite Rosefield watch:

The ideal “can go with all outfits” understated kind of design.

12.15 pm London

Gold or Silver?

Gold, classic and it works better with my skin tone.

If you could teleport yourself, where would you go?

Tokyo is absolute on top of my list right now. I would love to go there; the food, the design, the nature (maybe I have to travel a bit to the outside of Tokyo for that part), the craftsmanship, the craziness. I would absolutely love to get lost in this city. And then after a few days of craziness go on and explore Japan’s beautiful nature. My younger brother actually studied there for nine months and I didn’t visit him while he was there... “no time...”

What do people not know about you?

I’ve done a lot of travelling for work in Germany over the past 2 years and because of that I have to admit that I really got to appreciate a good ‘Currywurst’. Absolutely love it...

Who or what inspired you in life and why?

Jan de Bouvrie; although his style doesn’t appeal to me nowadays, his interior design program sparked my interest in design & interior. He made me cut out furniture from the IKEA catalogue at the age of 9, and ask for new curtains for my bedroom for my birthday instead of Barbies.

In five years I….

I hope to have finished the rebuild of our house... (ideally this take a little less than 5 years) and hopefully have done a lot more travelling around the world with my boyfriend and for work. I love exploring new countries and cultures, I always come back with tons of new ideas and inspiration. In terms of work I would like to keep doing what I love, and that’s working with talented people, design, & creating cool interiors and spaces that people can enjoy...Oh yeah I also hope to have finally gotten my motorbike licence, including a cool motorbike.


I love exploring new countries and cultures, I always come back with tons of new ideas and inspiration.