Raised among architects and artists, the aspiring stylist Marta Anichini lives in Milan and wants to build a career doing what she loves. Rich in experience and determination, together with a passion for fashion, she works at PUNKT magazine, Amica Italia, and now side by side with Candela, collaborating on creative projects and sharing beautiful travel adventures.


‘What does time mean to you? ‘As a child, time was a foreign concept, not pertinent to my life. Then, growing up, it acquired a different meaning, it became more valuable. So now I never try to waste moments because time is so precious. I would like to grow old with no regrets for not taking enough time for the goods things in life. I commit myself to live every moment in its uniqueness, whether unpleasant or stupendous.’ How do you spend your free time then? ‘On my free days I get on a board and go! Depending on the season: in the summer the surfboard or wakeboard, in winter the snowboard and for the rest of the year skateboarding.’


‘What are your favourite restaurants, cafes or neighborhoods in Milan? ‘I love the new neighborhood I live in, with it’s cute little corners and all the restaurants to try. After spending so much time in Milan, wandering from house to house, from rent to rent, came the HOME, the right one, the one to share with the right person, the one I love! My new flat is definitely one of my favourite places.

So Marta, if you could teleport yourself to a place right now, where would you go? ‘I would go to Byron Bay, Australia. I would go to the beach every morning to have breakfast, go surfing and go back to work. If I could go teleport myself in time, I would go back to my grandmother’s wedding day to see how beautiful they were.’

‘I’m always late. The people that really know me understand that they must show up 15 minutes after the scheduled time’

Inspiration and memories

‘So Marta, you’re always working on these creative projects, where do you get your inspiration from? ‘Well, I come from a beautiful family, I have two parents who have raised me in a peaceful and very creative environment. I grew up amongst architects, artists, theater actors and puppeteers. Adult children who taught me how to turn passion and creativity into a job as well as a lifestyle. I often go back to my parents’ house to be together with them.’

‘Unfortunately not as often as I would like to.’ What is your greatest memory then? ‘I love travelling, so my best memories are often linked to a trip and a place. The nicest one I think was my first trip alone. 16 years old, me and my best friend; a huge backpack in two. Direction: Thailand for three weeks. I can still dream about the beautiful colours of the beaches and the sea.’

‘In five years I see myself happy’


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