Stylist and creative Lisa Melanie Steur (24) studies and lives in Amsterdam. You can recognize her from her envious feed - @lisamelanie – where she posts pictures of her work, aesthetic and beloved hometown Amsterdam. Who or what inspires her?


‘The nicest part of my job is the variety, it’s so diverse. Being a freelancer offers me the opportunity to discover many aspects of the fashion industry. I met the nicest and most creative people and brands, in the most insane places - and that is something that makes me very happy. My mom used to let me choose a magazine when I was a kid. I then usually chose the ELLEgirl. Not for the reports, but for the models in all those beautiful clothes, that was a source of inspiration. That convinced me that I wanted to work in fashion. ' Lisa made quick steps after high school. First, she did a Visual Merchandising & Product Presentation training. With her internships, she went into a different direction: she gained work experience at two stylists and at her favourite magazine ELLE, the big sister of her old love ELLEgirl. Currently, Lisa is studying Fashion & Branding at the AMFI. As a fourth-year student, the future is open and up for grabs. Where does Lisa want to be in five years? 'I hope to work for a nice brand or magazine, within a creative team. Where exactly, I do not know yet. I am open to work in a foreign city.’


‘You are always surrounded by fashion and the newest trends, but what do you like to wear? Lisa: ‘I would describe my style as classic, but with a twist, for example the silhouette of an item, the processed details or the accessories. My favourite outfit would be a blouse with a special collar or sleeve, something different than the standard model. Over the blouse I would wear an oversized somewhat masculine jacket or wool coat. For bottoms, I love wearing jeans with an interesting detail or Levi’s 501. Also, I wear loafers very often, usually with cute socks.’

Since I am working in fashion, I buy very consciously. It doesn’t happen very often that I buy something that I would dislike quickly after the purchase. In my closet there are a lot of items that I bought many years ago, which I still wear often. Most of them were a bit more expensive. Now that I have created a reasonable basic closet, I like to invest in a few more unique and special pieces, for example from Ganni. It has become a hobby for me to wear clothes over and over again, by combining them and create looks that are up-to-date for the new fashion season. I will only buy things that I’m missing.

‘I get my inspiration from my own closet, the VOGUE Runway-app and city trips’


‘Whoever studies and works at the same time, like Lisa, has a busy schedule. How important is free time for Lisa, and what does she do to relax? Lisa: ‘Time is something you have to handle consciously. At university and work (where I work on innovation and trends) I learned that in many situations standing still means going backwords. By thinking ahead and planning, you can be ahead of time.

When I have a day off, I like to sleep in and then go for brunch with my friends or family. In the afternoon I love to go to a museum or explore a neighbourhood, even though I have visited almost all neighbourhoods of Amsterdam already a hundred times. To me, that’s the nicest part about living in Amsterdam: everything changes so fast that there is always something new to discover.’

‘My job is so divers. I can’t wait to start working full time.’


The September Issue


‘City trips, wandering through neighbourhoods, exploring countries. Whoever travels often, gains a lot of inspiration. Are there places that Lisa has special memories of? ‘When I was seventeen I went to the United States by myself, for a semester in High School. I was super nervous. In the end, that time is one of my favorite memories.

The adventure started in New York, then I flew to Minnesota. It was as if I was living in an American highschool movie: big lockers, cheerleaders, American football players etc.’ What about now, where do you like to hang out? ‘Often you can find me along the Amstel river or in Amsterdam’s neighbourhood De Pijp, because it is near my house. In terms of shopping and food, I have a list of favorites in every neighbourhood of Amsterdam.’


Sneakers or heels?


Gold or Silver?

‘Gold. Preferably as many pieces as possible. I always wear my personal golden jewelry, but I am not afraid to combine them with silver every now and then.’

Online shopping or In-store shopping?

‘Combined. When I feel the urge to go shopping and there is no physical store nearby, I buy online, or whenever I like something that is not available in (Dutch) stores. Yet I prefer shopping in physical stores, because of the whole experience. I like to see and feel the details and material of an item.’

Always late or always on time?

Always on time, and sometimes even too early. With a working watch and a structured planning, being late is never really an option for me.

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