05.05 pm New York

What does time mean to you?

Never knowing it, always checking it, and not having enough of it.

Latest discovery?

I recently discovered I like scallops… (Which is shocking because I don’t like seafood).

What is your morning routine?

Wake up, make coffee, walk my dog Lou while coffee brews, drink coffee while responding to emails.

Your favorite place in New York?

I don’t know that I have a favorite, but the first place that comes to mind is The Noguchi Museum.

On Sundays I…..

Watch Netflix.

“Time means never knowing it, always checking it, and not having enough of it"


What do you like to do when you have a day off?

I love going to the museums & galleries, for sure. In the summer time I enjoy going to the beach.

05.10 pm New York

Your best memory?

Jumping into a waterfall in Costa Rica at the Miravalles Volcano… I have a great fear of it and it was the most thrilling experience for me.

I’m always late/on time? Why?

I am always on time or early. Being late gives me anxiety.

Favorite Rosefield timepiece? Why?

The Upper East Side - it is a classic.

The Upper East Side

White - Gold
My favorite Rosefield watch:

The Upper East Side - it is a classic.

05.15 pm New York

Gold or Silver?

Depends on the day (and the jewelry)…but usually gold.

If you could teleport yourself, where would you go?


What do people not know about you?

I used to do snowboard racing when I was younger.

Who or what inspired you in life and why?

My parents, without a doubt. They are both entrepreneurs and have pushed me to be my own person, with my own path, and to never give up or settle for anything less than what I deserve.

In five years I….

Hope to have at least one more dog, traveled to Europe, figured out how to cook a meal without using a recipe, and maybe be fluent in speaking Spanish.


My parents inspired me in life, they have pushed me to never give up