Meet Chiara Scelsi, the Italian model who made her debut on the Parisian catwalks of Chanel, entering shortly after into the history of Italian fashion. If you are not yet part of her 50k followers on Instagram, find out more about the Italian model that has enchanted the world.


‘What does time mean to you, Chiara? ‘Time is very important for me because it has given me the opportunity to grow and understand the world. Time for me means growth.’ And what about free time, what do you do for fun? ‘I love travelling, so as soon as I have a day off I book a flight and visit a European city that I have not visited yet. And if I am not travelling, I like to spend my Sundays with friends having brunch. I love big brunches!!’

Memories and inspiration

‘What about inspiration? Is there something or someone that inspires you? ‘Every person I met in my life has inspired me in some way. My agent, great photographers and customers. The people I work with teach me something new every day.’ And what’s your best memory?

That’s a difficult one, I have too many.. But one happened recently: my mother’s happiness when she received a ticket to go to Brazil after many years to see her family again. It was so magical and inspiring.’

‘In 5 years I would have a nice house, lots of dogs and maybe an engagement ring ... who knows!’


‘So Chiara, tell us something about your daily routines? How do you maintain such a busy life? ‘I start my mornings with my daily skin care and then I head to the gym to give me the energy to start the day. Also, when I have a bit spare time I love to wander through Brera - it’s Milan’s artist’ quarter.’

‘Such a beautiful and inspiring place. This is also the reason I’m always late, while wandering through the streets of Milan, I always get lost in a thousand thoughts.’

‘If I could teleport, I would go to the moon to see what it’s like!’


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