14:14 Paris

Your morning ritual?

Getting ready even faster than the day before: I use up every single minute, waking up is absolute torture so I try to push back this moment to last possible minute.

Life in Paris/in France, its…

It’s like reality TV. Every day is like a new episode with lots of action. I work in a press agency where we manage several brands, each day brings its own little bag of surprises: event, photoshoot, interview, fair, press presentation, agency life… when I get home at night, my boyfriend has to listen to my stories for hours and all the gossip that comes with it: “Live my life of a PR coordinator”

Morning or Evening?

Seeing how tough it is for me to wake up, you will understand that I am more of an evening person. I like the freedom that the night brings, what is usually forbidden isn’t so much so anymore, there's something sexy in all that.

The coolest person for you is…

My friends. They are all the coolest, so we come as one. And omg, what a team! If I could introduce them to you… you would all agree. We are actually thinking about making a movie out of our daily lives. It'd make a great story, with lots of laughs, surprises and also passion. We want to set this tale in history, and we want to see that for once - the beautiful story projected on the movie screens: it’s ours.

My favourite Rosefield watch:

I love them all! On point, minimalist, fashion forward. They really look super cool. For now, I wear the bowery in blue rose gold - and people stop me a lot on the streets to ask me what brand my watch is. I swear!

An hour free during the day, I…

Eat! In Paris, new restaurants spawn every week. I had a to-do list with all the places I want to try out. Everything is always a concept, and I like to have my own opinion for each restaurant - so anytime I can, I try :)

"It’s like reality TV. Every day is like a new episode with lots of action."


Gold or Silver?

Why choose? Melting pot!

14:22 Paris

A nice memory?

Uncontrollable laughter with my grandma, my mother and my sister. The coming together of four generations and all in Spanish. Each family event is a grand occasion - all very memorable. Nothing is ever normal with us.

I'm always on time/late?

… late, as much as I try not to be. I try, Im working on it, it annoys the ones who hang out with me but I think I just have a very bad notion of the passing of time. I also have a terrible notion of distances actually.

If you could teleport - you would go…

To the Golfe of Sperone : a beach coming right down from heaven in Corsica, competing with the most beautiful islands of this world. Forget about the Maldives and its 11hours flight to get there - it’s not worth it!

What people dont know about you?

That I want to participate in the “Rallye des Gazelles” for my 30th birthday

In 5 years, I will..

live in the south of france, in a cool house with a huge studio and a garden with lots of animals: 2 turtles, 3 cats, a funny dog and some chickens. I will also have a quad, a motorbike and an old convertible like a Golf 1 or a Lada.

Your favorite saying?

“It’s Blue cheese who says to Camembert: you stink!” (hahaha). Another way of saying: people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stone. Super old school…

You would love to spend an hour with…

Tom Hardy :) even if you can imagine that I am not his type - but I would like to know for sure. But I dont speak english really well, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to understand him.

The song that you have on repeat?

Madonna, her whole discography.

The Bowery

Blue - Rose Gold
Favorite watch

I love them all but my all time favorite is the bowery blue rosegold.

Check this watch
14:25 Paris

The last movie that made you cry?

Mommy, from Dolan. But I also cried watching Zootopia or Stranger Things. Movies have a very powerful effect on me. 

Your little habit?

Chill at my house, wearing an old oversized t-shirt and granny panties: my passion!

Your go-to 15 minute recipe?

The Poulette Sauce: whole cream, white wine, one vegetable stock cube and pepper. You pour this over pasta, chicken, mashed potatoes, mashed carrots… it’s fabulous!


A good memory? The times when my grand-mother, mother, sister and i would burst into laughter.