05.05 pm New York

What does time mean to you?

Time is very important, it marks the change and passing of our life.

Your latest discovery?

Lu bar in Milan! A new bar with a wonderful atmosphere!

What is your morning routine?

After getting up, a nice breakfast and then out the door ... a hot shower and my morning ritual of daily hydration.

Your favorite place in Milan?

I love Catch NY (and also that of LA!)

On Sundays I…..

Definitely Netflix and a sofa in the winter!

“Time means never knowing it, always checking it, and not having enough of it"


What do you like to do when you have a day off?

I almost never have free days ... but I would definitely spend them booking trips!

05.10 pm New York

Your best memory?

The kisses of my grandmother.

Am I always late/on time? Why?

Always on time, I hate waiting and being made to wait, I consider it synonymous with rudeness.

Favorite Rosefield watch? Why?

The west village in soft pink, I find it beautiful and elegant!

The Upper East Side

White - Gold
My favorite Rosefield watch:

The Upper East Side - it is a classic.

05.15 pm New York

Gold or Silver?


If you could teleport yourself somehwere, where would it be?

To relax in the Maldives.

What do people do not know about you?

That my greatest passion is ... rock'n'roll!

Who or what has given you inspiration in life and why?

My grandmother, the greatest love of my life.

In five years I…

I will be a career woman always traveling around the world with my children and family.


My parents inspired me in life, they have pushed me to never give up