14.40 Berlin

What does time mean to you?

Time is very precious to me. Often we don’t have enough and hurry from one appointment to the next. It’s important to make time for the people that matter.

Who or what is the essence of beauty to you?

Beauty is carried in the heart. You can often see the good nature of people in their eyes. They always have this certain kind of warmth to them.

Latest discovery?

Café Dots in Neukölln.

What is your morning routine?

Cigarettes and coffee and then taking my dog Lou for a walk in my Pajamas.

Favorite spot in Berlin?

Plänterwald forest – a beautiful small forest, 10 mins away from my apartment.

On sundays I…

I don’t do anything on Sundays. I sleep in, don’t read any mails, no calls… dosing in bed and watching a good movie in the evening.

"It’s important to make time for the people that matter."


What do you like to do when you have a day off?

Coffee to go at the Pavillon and then a walk through the forest.

14.45 Berlin

What’s your favorite memory?

My childhood in Morocco, Loveparade in 2000, my university time at the Academy of Fashion and Design, and the vacations with my mother.

Who or what inspired you in life and why?

My mom, she’s one of a kind and has always done her thing.

The Tribeca

White - Black
favorite watch

The Tribeca in white – black, small and fashionable

14.50 Berlin

What people do not know about you?

I collect china figures, like an old grandma.

I’m always late/on time...

I’m always on time. Why? Out of respect.

In five years time I…

In five years... hopefully run a small hotel in Greece.

Where would you want to be beamed to right this moment?

Mykonos, I have spent one of my best holidays there together with my best friend.

Gold or silver?



I’m always on time. Why? Out of respect.