During her time in New York she discovered her love for marketing. Back in Amsterdam, online marketer Beau de Bruin (25) now works for the male fashion brand Dstrezzed. Meet @beaudebruin.


‘The best thing about my job? The creativity, the challenge, innovation and the great team. I lived in New York for a while, and I learned a lot. I have seen how a brand can position itself powerfully through social media and marketing.' Beau uses her expertise for the male brand Dstrezzed, working as an online marketer. It’s the perfect match since her time in New York inspired her love for marketing. How does she get the drive? 'I grew up in a hard-working family, I think they inspire me the most in terms of work.’


‘I like oversized and cool, or classy looks. In winter, I usually wear a mega-oversized sweater with my favorite boots from Balenciaga. Sometimes I make style mistakes: last summer I bought a silver skirt and vintage pink sunglasses; not really my thing.'’

And working for a men's brand, does that affect your style? Does Beau wear men's clothes? 'In summer I like to wear a men's blouse, which I wear as a dress.’

‘Buying an apartment in London, Paris, New York or Lisbon, that’s what I want. Can’t wait...’


‘Work hard, play hard. What does time mean to Beau? 'Time means a lot to me. Unfortunately, I have learned the hard way that time with a loved one can be over just like that. So, enjoy every second you have! " How does she enjoy her free time, when work is not on the agenda?’

‘After a busy week, nothing is better than just sitting on the couch with my boyfriend, watching Modern Family. Also, I love food, both at home or in a restaurant. I could go out for dinner every day, as long as I’m in good company.’

‘I get my inspiration from Instagram, Magazines and city trips’


The September Issue


‘Beau was born in Brabant, the southern part of the Netherlands, but she has been living in Amsterdam for seven years. Recently, she moved in with her boyfriend. Does she have favourite hotspots or neighbourhoods? ‘Strolling through the Jordaan with a coffee, preferably in spring, that’s what I like to do. I celebrated my 25th birthday at champagneria Five Brothers Fat in Amsterdam. I had the best time, with my parents and friends.’ What about special places abroad? ‘A few years ago, I went on safari in Africa with my aunt and father. The animals, landscapes and a sky full of stars were unforgettable.’

Quick Fire Questions

Sneakers or heels?

I don’t wear either very often. I'm a little bit clumsy, so when I wear heels I stumble. Loafers I wear a lot, just like my boots. In summer I often wear All Stars.

Gold or Silver?

‘Mixture of both.’

Online vs. In-store shopping?

‘Real life, I like to try things on and feel the quality of the clothes. ‘

Always late or always on time

Alwaaays way too early, I have that from my dad.

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