27 year old Giulia Todini lives in Milan, where she studied Fashion Communication, worked at the Marcona3 Showroom, and then devoted herself to her biggest dream: becoming an Art Director. Today she has achieved it and collaborates with major Italian multibrands and emerging brands.


‘What does time mean to you, Giulia? ‘It will seem cliché, but time goes too fast, especially for me, I am very strict and demanding with myself: I seem to never do enough.’ So are you always on time or always late? ‘Naturally as a true woman I am absolutely always late haha. Especially when I think I'm ahead, then I get lost in the little things. If I have to get ready, or finish an email, I’ll have a time delay of at least 10-15 minutes.’


‘How do you spend your free time? ‘Usually I like to cook "special" dishes with my boyfriend. Having more time on the weekend, we like to try new recipes sipping some good wine. It sounds magical, but most of the time we fight because we think we know more than the other in the kitchen! Also, I dedicate myself to body care, I like going to the hairdresser and spending time having manicures, pedicures, massages and all the

wonderful things that every woman likes to do!’ What about places, are there special ones in Milan you like to visit? ‘I love going to Giacomo Bistrot, an Italian restaurant in a French setting. The environment is very warm and welcoming and, being open all day, often after lunch I stop there to work. It’s really relaxing.’

‘I am a very curious person, I like to look and discover something new every day’

Memories & dreams

‘When you were a kid, what did you dream of? ‘Many people don’t know this about me but I studied ballet for more than 10 years. So as a child I dreamed of performing at La Scala, a theater in Milan. Unfortunately, due to a small accident I had to abandon my dream.’ And what’s your best memory?’

‘My best memory dates back to my first time in New York, August 2008, a unique experience. I am a very curious person, I like to look and discover something new every day. I like to educate myself in any field, especially in the fields of art and fashion. I like reading, traveling and learning from other cultures. New York offers all of this.’

‘In 5 years.. I will have realized my dreams!’


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