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Neapolitan by birth, Paola De Cegli moved to Milan to realize her childhood dream: becoming a stylist. And there is no doubt that she has succeeded! The 36-year-old has been collaborating with Elle Italia since 2006, and is now a freelance fashion and celeb stylist, a job she absolutely loves.


‘What does time mean to you, Paola? ‘Time is a gift. It is the mirror of who we are and the container of our memories.’ And what about free time, what do you like to do for fun? ‘Whenever I can, I visit my family in Naples. But when I stay in Milan, I like to spend some time with my friends, having lunch or go shopping together. I like walking and I am a very curious person, so if there is a ray of sunshine I’ll take it! To me, it’s the ultimate relaxation for me to tan while listening to music.’


‘What are your favourite hangout spots? Where do you have dinner or go for coffee? ‘For coffee I like to go to Macha coffee, it’s a small, cozy Japanese cafe near my house. Their green tea tiramisu is amazing!! Also, the studio of Davide Diodovich is a special place for me.

It’s so much more than a beauty salon, it is an elegant suite with a team of delightful people who care for your hair.’ And abroad? ‘Ibiza, 100%. I love everything about this island, it has a special place in my heart.’

‘In five years, I ... Gosh, I never think about the future because it makes me anxious, but let's say I hope to be as happy as I am now.’


‘How does a regular day in your life look like? Do you have any routines? ‘My first thought is breakfast (cappuccino and toast with my Mother’s homemade apricot jam). Also, I make sure my house looks decent. I am extremely precise and a maniac about order, people don’t know that about me.’

‘Then I look at Instagram, read my emails and check the weather to decide how to dress. After that I phone my parents, whom I’m really close with. I am so lucky that I had a childhood full of love. My mom is my biggest inspiration, I inherited my love for fashion, furniture and beauty from her.’

‘I’m always on time. It’s a matter of respect’


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