La langue

This 28 years old shoe buyer moved to London 10 years ago. After studying Economics and Management, she decided to pursue her passion for luxury fashion and has been in buying for the last 6 years. She is also involved in a London-based network for young female professionals, called Eyedea.


What does time mean to you? ‘To me, time means moments and memories. It relates to opportunities to accomplish things, meet people and share experiences with them, to discover. There is a constant feeling of it being in scarce supply!’

So, how would you like to spend your days off? ‘Catch up on my life admin, see a friend or two, and tend to have an early night over a good book or movie. On days off, I am always pro maximizing one’s time, so when I have a day off, I try to make the most of it: visit an art exhibition, go for a nice brunch and walk, see some friends. I like being out and about and nurturing my brain.‘


‘You are always surrounded by fashion and the newest trends, but what do you like to wear? Lisa: ‘I would describe my style as classic, but with a twist, for example the silhouette of an item, the processed details or the accessories. My favourite outfit would be a blouse with a special collar or sleeve, something different than the standard model. Over the blouse I would wear an oversized somewhat masculine jacket or wool coat. For bottoms, I love wearing jeans with an interesting detail or Levi’s 501. Also, I wear loafers very often, usually with cute socks.’

Since I am working in fashion, I buy very consciously. It doesn’t happen very often that I buy something that I would dislike quickly after the purchase. In my closet there are a lot of items that I bought many years ago, which I still wear often. Most of them were a bit more expensive. Now that I have created a reasonable basic closet, I like to invest in a few more unique and special pieces, for example from Ganni. It has become a hobby for me to wear clothes over and over again, by combining them and create looks that are up-to-date for the new fashion season. I will only buy things that I’m missing.

‘In 5 years.. I hope to continue to be curious and excited about life and everything it has to offer’


‘When I was in NY for a work trip a little while back, I re-discovered this place called the Apartment by the Line, which is a store set up in the format of someone’s intimate apartment with an amazing curation of home, fashion, jewellery and beauty products. You simply want to move in.

My hometown, London, also has many beautiful facets. It consists of several small microcosms with very different identities and charm to them. So I love Mayfair’s Mount street for example, with its brick buildings and elegant restaurants and boutiques but I also love Shoreditch’s quirkier shops and street art or Notting Hill’s candy-coloured Portobello road and its vintage/food markets.’

‘Time is not measured by clocks but by moments’


The Tribeca


‘Who or what inspires you the most? ‘‘I have never been one to idolize specific personalities but rather look up the different people for different traits.

Generally I am inspired by those who have a vision and dreams and really pursue them, not giving up if they face difficulties, eventually doing something that has a positive impact on our lives one way or the other. Also people who stay kind and human - my mum is a prime example.’

Go back in time

‘If I could teleport myself back in time and spend some time in a few key 20th century decades whilst dressing accordingly eg. the roaring twenties with a flapper dress, the swinging sixties with a mini dress on London’s Carnaby street or the Disco seventies with a glam all-over sequin jumpsuit at Studio 54.’


People don’t know that I...?

‘Was born and grew up in little Luxembourg, a stark contrast to London’s beautiful chaos, and that I speak 4 languages.’

Silver or Gold?

‘Up until one year ago I would have said Silver without a doubt, recently however Gold fine pieces have been growing on me, so at the moment it would be both, often together.’

Always late or always on time?

‘I always aim to be on time but end up being around 5’ late (which I consider relatively on time!).’

Best memory?

‘I would not be able to isolate one! We keep making memories so the best ones change with time..’

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